Our guide to the basics of cycling gear, clothing, tech in India

Think of us as your partner who wants to help you get most out of you and your bike! Below we’ve tried to highlight common cycling mistakes, but don’t forget that best thing about cycling is that it’s fun. Whether you are a cyclist, mountain biker or commuter, there is sure to be something here for you in India.

The best cycling clothes for India

Sport cycling carries a certain degree of risk. But, as practice shows, if you take precautions, the benefits of cycling outweigh the dangers and possible risks. A helmet is just the necessary equipment that will protect your head from injuries, sunstroke and rain. Let your safety start with buying a helmet. It is important to choose the appropriate size with the possibility of adjustment.

According to the rules of the road

for cyclists in India, lanterns are mandatory equipment and equipment for bicycles. They reduce the risk of accidents on the road in the dark. Choose LEDs or alternative LED lighting for the frame, wheels or steering wheel. LEDs are bright, powerful, compact light sources. They are light and easy to use, will serve you for a long time. Using flashlights increases your safety and visibility.

Affordable and inexpensive items of equipment are reflectors and reflectors. The complete set of the bicycle, as a rule, includes a reflector under a saddle and on pedals. You can easily buy extra stickers, ribbons, clothes and backpacks yourself. The basic principle of operation of this safety element: light moves from the reflective surface to its source. This way you become visible on the road to all road users. The reflectors are white, orange and red. There are also special clothes – vests with stripes of reflective material, gloves, backpacks with inserts.

What to eat and drink during cycling in India?

Your body will need a combination of fats and carbohydrates to fuel your trip. The harder you work, the more carbs you need. Meanwhile, their reserves in the body are limited, and they can be quickly depleted. In such a situation, the body begins to use fat as “fuel”. You might think that burning fat is a great idea, but the problem is that it requires a lot more oxygen for the body, which is also needed to fuel the muscles. As a result, you will not be able to maintain a fast enough pace.

When you drive, you lose water all the time, mostly through sweat. Water supplies need to be replenished. There are some general principles in this matter, but it is important to remember that much depends on the specific conditions under which the competition takes place. Take into account the climatic conditions, the intensity of the ride and the duration of the competition. All this will determine how you will have to replenish your water and energy reserves.

Safe riding for beginners in India

Probably, the first thing here is the confident possession of all the skills of cycling: starting, accelerating – braking, turning – turning, stopping. And, if you are a beginner cyclist, pay attention to mastering all of the above. It is better to study and master all this in places where there are no obstacles to traffic, there is no car and pedestrian traffic, for example, school yards in the evening after students leave home or paths in squares and parks when there are not many pedestrians. Or field and forest roads, where there is almost no traffic.
An important point for safety is the technical condition of the bike, it requires regular inspection. In short, the bike must be in good condition. Before driving, check the brakes, steering, wheels – tire pressure and transmission (chain drive).