Bicycling can start at an early age in India

At the very beginning of the journey, it can be a tricycle or four-wheeled bicycle. Parents should teach the child to slow down correctly, make sure that he does not use the lower leg for braking. The rules of the road should be explained to a novice cyclist. Pay attention to road driving rules, especially in India.

The next stage is a two-wheeled bicycle. In order to understand that the child is ready to transfer to him, watch him ride on his three-wheeled or four-wheeled bike. If he has mastered them so that he may easily accelerate, go around obstacles, then it’s time for a two-wheeler.
Schools and sections begin to accept children from the age of 8. By this age, they become more disciplined and already think about their own safety. Their motor skills are much better developed than those of preschoolers. The sooner they start the higher is the chance for success in India.

It is desirable that when entering the section in India, the child already knows how to ride a bicycle.

Medical contraindications you must know about

Cycling has a beneficial effect on a growing body: it develops the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the musculoskeletal system and speeds up metabolism. However, the positive impact may be minimized if the child has the following health problems:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • spine diseases;
  • orthopedic problems;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • cerebellar disease.

Therefore, before sending your child to cycling, consult with pediatricians in India and get a permit certificate.
Cycling has its undeniable advantages:

  1. Positive effect on the nervous system. Fresh air, movement, improved blood circulation – all this contributes to good health.
  2. Improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Due to aerobic exercise, the heart muscle becomes stronger and pumps more blood.
  3. The work of the respiratory system improves. While cycling, the diaphragm is trained, which helps to increase the respiratory capacity of the lungs.
  4. Increases immunity. The body of cyclists is resistant to colds. They also have a reduced likelihood of diseases that are associated with the movement of blood.

Cycling also has its downsides. Among them:

  1. Injury. If the athlete is distracted even for a second, then there is a possibility of falling on an uneven road. In order to minimize the consequences, use protective equipment. In addition, joints suffer due to constant load, but if you follow all the rules of cycling and do a good warm-up,you save them.
  2. Dehydration of the body. The cyclist must take water with him. With such intense loads, the body quickly loses moisture. If it is not replenished, the consequences can be sad.You must be careful with this, especially considering weather in India.
  3. Negative effect on the genitals. Due to the fact that the female and male genital organs are constantly in a compressed state, their sensitivity is lost. Of course, this does not matter in childhood, but if a child decides to connect his adult life with cycling, then you should know about this minus. You can avoid the consequences if you use special equipment.

Is it a sport for men?

Cycling is universal. It suits both boys and girls. However, there is an opinion that big cycling can harm women. But it is not so.
If the girl is healthy, then cycling without fanaticism may only benefit her. The risk of developing varicose veins decreases, endurance increases. The body will be toned and embossed, because almost all muscles work while riding a bike. At least the lower body and the press are always in great shape. By the way, women’s cycling was included in the program of the Olympic Games in 1984. Therefore, the girl may be able to achieve world success.

Let your children try this sport

Since children are taken to cycling already at a conscious age, it will not be difficult for you to find out from a child about his own desire to engage in this sport. His desire should be your main criterion. If it is available, do not forget about contraindications for health reasons. Get ready for big financial expenses.
Don’t be afraid to send your girl to this sport. With the right approach, he will not harm her, on the contrary, she will grow slim and fit. Be sure to support the child, and success will not be long in coming.