Deciding on a budget for right vehicle in India

The good news is that today more than ever there are opportunities for those who want to buy a great road bike. While professional travelers wind their thousands of miles on vehicles worth around $200,000, you don’t have to shell out that much to own a great road bike. Over the past couple of decades, the rapid development of technology has meant that today even entry-level bikes are becoming more technologically advanced and of high quality, while remaining quite affordable.

First of all, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on your purchase. What is your budget? You may find a good bike for any budget. In an even more expensive segment, you can find vehicles for almost all tastes.

Feel free to search for information

So, once you’ve decided on a budget, you need to find out more about what you’re buying. Of course, you can just go to the nearest bike shop, fork out the cash and go home on a brand new vehicle. But buying a vehicle is a pretty big investment and deserves more research. This research must also include the riding conditions in India.

Specialized forums and sites on the Internet are the place where you can ask your questions and get advice from more experienced vehicle enthusiasts, and find tables with technical data for various models. As for the most basic things that every self-respecting beginner should know about, they are presented below.

Choosing the right size

Choosing the right size for your first road bike is absolutely essential. Never take a vehicle that is too small or too big just because the seller in the store offers it to you at a super bargain price. Only with a vehicle that is properly selected for your dimensions can you truly enjoy your new hobby. However, choosing the right size may be difficult.

Usually road bikes are measured in centimeters, but different manufacturers may offer different measurements. Pay attention to these, especially in India. Some offer models with three different frame sizes, some have a choice of 10 sizes, and here the differences between the options may be negligible.

As a hint, you may use tables on manufacturers’ websites in India, that recommend frame sizes for a particular height and other anatomical parameters. In the store, you simply throw your leg over the frame of the vehicle and try on how it fits you. Ideally, of course, it’s better to be able to drive a little before you decide to buy it.

Use bike adjustment to make it fit for you

If the vehicle as a whole fits your height, but you still feel some discomfort, do not forget that there is still the possibility of adjusting the handlebars, the height of the seatpost and the saddle itself in the longitudinal direction. In this regard, of course, it is best to make a purchase in a good vehicle shop, where they will give you professional advice and help you make a “fitting” correctly.

The wheels make the bike

Wheels are a very important part of a bike. Just like the frame, they determine the quality of the ride and how you feel about the vehicle. Lighter wheels will spin faster, and lighter, faster tires provide better vehicle feel and handling. When choosing a vehicle, you should give preference to the model on which there are more decent wheels, especially in India.
Over time, you can replace worn components, but wheels are a significant part of the price of a bike, and upgrading wheels will therefore be more expensive.

Do not forget to buy suitable tires

If your riding takes place on asphalt and decent paths / primers, then feel free to put semi-slicks: tires with a smooth treadmill and lugs along the edges. You will be amazed at what a fantastic increase in rolling gives a simple replacement of tires with the right ones. Much less force is spent, and through this long distances are much easier. You must also take in the account the conditions of roads in India.